4 Bluetooth Setting in Samsung Note 10 You Need To Know

In this piece of Guide Related to Samsung Note 10 pro and Note 10 we will be talking about four important Bluetooth settings that’s you can change in Samsung Galaxy Note 10, if you might have forgot about these features that were in the past phones now also before we talk about the four different settings let see different ways of interacting with Bluetooth quick settings the first one is by pressing and holding on the Bluetooth icon itself it takes you into the full detailed page, the other way you’re able to interact with it is a smaller version a condensed version where you tap on the Bluetooth word itself.

One of the other cool things that you might not have known about is that when you do toggle on and off especially the flashlight if you actually tap on the “flashlight” word you are able to change the intensity of how bright that flashlight.

1. Media Volume Sync

  • First Bluetooth setting that we will be talking about today is called media volume sync.
  • In a very top right-hand side of your Bluetooth settings, you have an option three dot for advanced.
  • Inside advanced you have this option called media volume sync.
  • You can turn this on and Off.

When you do turn this on it change the volume of the speaker it also changes the volume of the phone so originally when you have this turned off they are two separate volume controllers meaning you can have your speaker at its highest maximum volume or you can have the speaker at its maybe 50% volume but you’re able to still change the volume of your phone.

2. Separate Apps Sound

This one is my favorite Bluetooth setting on the galaxy note 10 and if it’s not yours already it’ll soon become your favorite Bluetooth setting.

  • Pull down the notifications panel click on the Settings.
  • Underneath sounds and vibrations, you’ll scroll all the way down to where it says Separate Apps Sound.
  • Here this is where you’re able to toggle it on.

What will happen is it’s a way that you’re able to have sounds coming from different sources meaning you can actually have the application of YouTube or really any other application that’s on your device that would be coming out of from the Phone speaker and you can set other application to Bluetooth Audio Device.

3. Dual Bluetooth Audio

In this setting, you could be able to connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time. One thing to notice if you are using the Bluetooth version of 4.1 you want other Bluetooth Device to also be 4.1 same for 4.2, 5.0, 5.0 because if you have speakers that are completely different Bluetooth versions they might be a half of a second off

  • Connect to your first device right after that turn on your second Bluetooth device and just put it into a pairing mode you’ll be able to scan it and connect two different Bluetooth speakers at the exact same time.
  • After that first play, any song doesn’t pause, it starts to come from the only first speaker.
  • To fix this Go to Bluetooth settings tap on three dots at right hand side.
  • In advanced Option turn on the Dual Audio and now it’s playing out of both speakers at the exact same time.

It’s best to have it being connected if you play the song first and then you turn on the dual audio for some reason it has a little bit better connection.

4. Location Bluetooth unlock or smart unlock

  • Pull down the notifications panel.
  • Click on the Settings icon.
  • Go to lock screen.
  • Here tap on the option for the smart lock.
  • Now go to Trusted Devices.

If you are connected to your SmartWatch if you’re connected to a Bluetooth speaker if you’re connected to your car Bluetooth audio system then your phone will be automatically unlocked for you meaning you’re around something or someplace that is trusted.

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