7 Settings Everyone Must Change in their Samsung Galaxy S10

7 very crucial settings to enable or disable based on your needs on your Samsung Galaxy S 10 or S10 plus and of course the S10E so let’s dive in and discover and get acquainted with your S10.

Adjust Touch Sensitivity:

Assuming a lot of S10 are going to be installing some kind of screen protector on your devices and as you know most of the Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with a pre-installed screen protector. Still many users will install third-party screen protectors. These protectors increase the life of your device by protecting the screen from various environmental stress as well as accidental drops. The protectors have their own cons it makes the device look ugly and decreases touch sensitivity for fingerprint registration. Samsung now included the feature to adjust touch sensitivity in Samsung Galaxy S10 here how you can do it.

1. Open Settings

2. Go to Display

3. Scroll Down and Enable Touch Sensitivity

Secure Lock Settings:

A very crucial security setting that a lot of people simply forget about simply don’t even think about

  1. Go settings and then go into the lock screen
  2. Then go into secure lock settings
  3. It asks you to put your regular pin
  4. Then there are two options you need to enable immediately and that one has locked automatically and locked instantly with power key.

Lock automatically ask you for how many seconds after the phone will lock you can select lock immediately or other options.

Protect Yourself from Losing the Phone

If you’re outside and lose your phone, nothing matter it is only a thousand dollars we buy a new one this in case you own some big buildings and get rent of thousands of dollars.

So what you want to make sure if you enable “find my mobile feature”

  1. Go to biometrics and security
  2. Scroll down to find my mobile tap on it
  3. Make sure this is enabled.

You do have to have a Samsung Account that is linked to this option and then you want to enable remote controls and Google location services so let’s say I went out there and I lost this phone, I can go to the website to find my mobile Samsung login with my Samsung account and then remotely control and locate the exact location of the smartphone now it is very possible.

Optimizing your Galaxy S10, S10 Plus S10E

Optimize your smartphone so it runs at maximum performance

  • Go to Settings, Scroll Down
  • Tap on Device Care
  • Hit the Optimize Button

You can actually also do this automatically so what you want to do is you want to tap on three dots and then go into auto optimization just enable Auto Optimization.

How to Disable Suggested Apps

Whenever you tap on the recent button at the bottom here you see four apps that were probably used most of the time, if you don’t want them you can disable them here is how:

  • Go to Recent Applications
  • Tap on three dots at the upper right corner
  • Disable the suggested apps

Hide Password Properly

While typing the password every time you type in a password you can see the letters show up in password box for micro setting and then convert in dots so┬ásomebody’s looking at the password field they can see exactly what you’re typing and might even memorize it.

  • Just go to the settings
  • Scroll down to biometrics and security
  • Go all the way down, tap on other security settings and make sure make passwords visible is disabled

Battery Management

Battery management is a way to control usage of battery. Making it useful when it requires more while making it minimal usage when it not required.

  • Go to Setting
  • Select Battery
  • Make sure adaptive battery is enabled so this basically limits the battery usage for apps that you do not use often many times don’t those apps run in the background and they just waste battery.

These are some of the settings, there are many different aspects of setting that can be turned on to make Galaxy S10 more useful and fun to operate.


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